Galaxy AI Ecosystem Grows with Galaxy Book4 Edge AI PC

With 45 TOPS NPU AI computing capability, Snapdragon X Elite Compute Platform, Microsoft Copilot+, and Galaxy AI, Samsung's next-generation AI PC revolutionises tasks

Galaxy AI on Galaxy Book4 Edge seamlessly blends on-device and cloud computing with Wi-Fi 7 for fast, smooth cross-device communication

The Galaxy Book4 Edge's Copilot+ PC lets users be more creative and productive with everyday language

When connected to the Galaxy Book4 Edge, Link to Windows lets you use Galaxy AI on a larger, more immersive display

The Galaxy Book4 Edge's Snapdragon X Elite computational platform speeds up AI processing 4x, making workflows more comprehensive

The Galaxy Book4 Edge has Super-Fast Charging, up to 22 hours of movie playback, and an all-day battery life

The improved design and high-quality display of the Galaxy Book4 Edge facilitate complete immersion in artistic endeavors