Galaxy S24 with Corning Gorilla Armour tested

Corning Gorilla Armour is a revolutionary mobile device display material. Since its release in January 2024, Gorilla Glass has become the most scratch-resistant and durable

Samsung’s S24 Ultra sports the toughest, scratch-resistant, and most optically advanced Gorilla Glass ever, giving it unrivalled durability and visual enjoyment

Gorilla Armour is our toughest Gorilla Glass.Gorilla Armour surpasses aluminosilicate cover glasses three times in drop tests on concrete-like surfaces, according to Corning

Gorilla Armour exhibited no apparent scratches and displayed a scratch resistance that was more than four times greater

The reflectance of Corning Gorilla Armour is reduced by up to 75% when compared to that of a conventional glass surface

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the only phone with Corning Gorilla Armour. This material will likely be utilised on more goods in the future

Corning Gorilla Armour exceeded the scratch resistance of competitive display glasses

In laboratory tests, Gorilla Armour outperformed competing aluminosilicate cover glasses in terms of scratch resistance by a factor of almost four