Galaxy Watch’s Sensors Lead Prevention

The Privileged Health Software Development Kit (SDK) initiative has been extended by Samsung Electronics in an effort to promote healthcare innovations

With data accessible directly from users’ wrists, remote patient monitoring will be quicker and more connected with the Galaxy Watch

With the use of the extensive biometric data from the Galaxy Watch, the service’s dashboard has improved patient-centered care capabilities

Medical AI software offers sophisticated ECG services that identify arrhythmia in daily life for those with heart issues

Oova is an AI-powered platform for women’s health and fertility that combines biometric data from the Galaxy Watch with hormonal changes

Galaxy Watch users may access realistic, therapeutic virtual worlds from the comfort of their homes thanks to Samsung’s sensor technology.

Healium is a biofeedback video platform and technology that creates vivid animations and engaging stories using heart rate data from the Galaxy Watch

Samsung is now extending its range of products to include smart beds that regulate temperature to ensure restful sleep