Gaming monitors ASRock PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B, 180Hz

The PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B are the new additions to ASRock’s 180Hz gaming monitor series, which is a source of awesomeness

The first models to be introduced are the PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B, which are highly anticipated and feature 27-inch QHD high-resolution IPS screens in conjunction with 180Hz high refresh rate technology

This provides extraordinarily fluid images, which cater to responsive gaming experiences and ensure that gamers remain one step ahead in their games

IPS screen technology brings every pixel to life, so you can be sure that you will be fully immersed in the clear and beautiful pictures

These monitors are 25% faster than regular 144Hz game screens. Because of this big jump, motion blur and screen tearing are much less noticeable, making the visual experience very clear and smooth

The maximum refresh rate that may be supported by one Display port 1.4 is 180Hz

They improve the editing and content production experience for film editors, content developers