Gaming Performance's Next Step: AMD RDNA 4

AMD made great progress with the Radeon RX 6000 series‘ RDNA 2 architecture. Over the previous generation

AMD RDNA 4 may employ a 5nm or 4nm TSMC technology instead of 7nm like RDNA 2

The company’s RDNA 2 architecture changed AMD. It finally challenged Nvidia’s high-end GPU dominance with noticeable performance increases over the previous generation

AMD RDNA 4 improves on this accomplishment by increasing graphical fidelity and performance

AMD’s groundbreaking Infinity Cache technology, which keeps frequently requested data on-chip for quicker retrieval, may be improved even more in AMD RDNA 4

There are reports indicating AMD may continue to use GDDR6, possibly with greater rates to make up for the absence of GDDR7

It’s difficult to anticipate AMD RDNA 4’s release date and price based on the scant official information available