GDDR7 Samsung Memory for Next-Gen Graphics

Next-Gen GPUs Will Now Sample 28 Gbps and 32 Gbps DRAM Samsung is among the three memory producers that will provide graphics suppliers like NVIDIA

Every module will have a refresh rate of 16K/32ms and a 32-bit wide bus interface

The 266 FBGA package will include the GDDR7 memory modules, which are presently available in two speeds

They have both the low-voltage optimized 28 Gbps die and the conventional 32 Gbps die

That is a speed gain of 42% for the 32 Gbps and 24.5% for the 28 Gbps

The first GDDR7 graphics cards will most likely be released later this year when the new memory’s manufacture picks up speed

GDDR7 is a significant advancement in computer graphics that may be used in graphics cards, gaming consoles, automobiles, HPC