Gemini 1.0 Pro with Vertex AI and BigQuery

Google is recently announced innovations that use BigQuery and Vertex AI to further connect data and AI to help you achieve this

They will explore some of these innovations in more detail in this blog post, along with instructions on how to use Gemini 1.0 Pro in BigQuery

With Google BigQuery’s BigQuery ML capability, you can develop and apply machine learning models from within your data warehouse

Vertex AI-trained models like PaLM 2 or Gemini Pro 1.0; or imported custom models based on TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, and XGBoost, BigQuery ML enables data analysts and engineers to create

They took it a step further and used Vertex AI to integrate Gemini 1.0 Pro into BigQuery in order to further streamline generative AI

Create the remote model that reflects a hosted Vertex AI large language model before using Gemini 1.0 Pro in BigQuery

BigQuery ML allows you to integrate generative models directly into your data workflow, which helps you scale and optimize them