Gemini 1.5 Pro Analysis: Assistant to Analyst

Gemini 1.5 Pro shows comparable performance in handling assembly and high-level languages on different architectures

Decompilation was an essential step in the previous example of WannaCry analysis before the code was fed to the LLM

This is accomplished by highlighting high-level components like as variables, loops, and functions, which helps analysts better grasp the code

Decompilation produces output that is shorter and more organised, which more easily fits the processing limits of LLMs and makes it possible to analyse huge or complex binaries more effectively

Disassembly is required for precise decompilation and is still a very useful tool in some situations when in-depth, low-level analysis is essential

This feature makes it possible to analyse the assembly output in its entirety, providing in-depth understanding of the binary’s functioning

It’s possible that the file is a game cheat meant to insert a dynamic-link library (DLL) hack into the Grand Theft Auto video game