GenAI Workflow Efficiency with Dell PowerScale

GenAI is a revolutionary fusion of artificial intelligence with unstructured data

The reliable, industry-leading storage accelerates GenAI model delivery at unprecedented speed, ease, and affordability while streamlining IT settings

This crucial network file system component makes unstructured data from various clients and workloads easily accessible

Multi-tenancy management ensures customized service levels and security, while intelligent load balancing maximizes availability and performance

OneFS file presentation layer: This layer eliminates the need to worry about data location by standardizing cluster data access

OneFS's seamless integration of tiering, data security, and volume management makes managing massive data volumes across multiple storage types easier

Dell PowerScale automatically scales and auto-balances clusters without requiring administrative labor, from tiny, inexpensive clusters accommodating basic capacity

With the newest advancements in OneFS software and Dell PowerScale all-flash technology, developers can expedite the AI lifecycle from data preparation to model inference