Genio 700: Technical Analysis of the Next-Gen IoT Chipset

Edge-AI IoT platform with high performance for commercial, industrial, and smart home applications

Eight-core CPU with two ARM Cortex-A78 Super Cores and six ARM Cortex-A55 Efficiency Cores

Mali-G57 GPU integrated for Dual Display and AV1/H.265/H.264 codec support

I/O assistance 1 Giga Ethernet MAC, 1 PCIe Gen2, 1 USB3.1, 2 USB2.0 OTG/Host

Applications in Computer Vision (CV), Deep Learning (DL), and Neural Network (NN) acceleration can benefit from the great efficiency of the in-chip Al multi-processor

Interactive apps, streaming video services, and video conferences benefit from HD cameras, high-performance video codecs, and 4K or multiple monitors

Device manufacturers can employ MediaTek’s enterprise-grade, industrial-ready, and secure platforms for the next generation of industry 4.0 applications