GIGABYTE’s AORUS AI Gaming PC Hits Global Stage!

An AI Neural Processing Unit (NPU), created expressly to speed up AI applications, is built into the first-generation Intel Core Ultra CPUs

An array of AAA games and business apps may be accelerated by the NVIDIA RTX 40 series laptop GPU when it is plugged in, offering intelligent enjoyment and a smarter way of living all day long

With its Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processors, the newest AORUS 15 and AORUS 17 laptops provide a revolutionary 3D hybrid with Intel 4 Process and FOVEROS 3D packaging technology

⁠The NVIDIA RTX 4070 laptop GPU, which supports Advanced Optimus technology and has a maximum graphics power (Max. TGP) of up to 140W, is installed in the AORUS 17 discrete graphics feature

GIGABYTE presents the brand-new AI Nexus program, which enables a large number of customers to be among the first to use distinctive AI PC features

Microsoft Azure AI’s “AI Boost” dynamically modifies fan and system power consumption, allowing players to enjoy an overclocked gaming experience

Stable Diffusion and edge AI computing capabilities, the “AI Generator” enables users to create AI-driven content by utilizing the inbuilt NPU of the Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU for AI processing