GitLab on Google Cloud

Using an integrated solution that improves speed, security, and scalability, modernise the way you deploy software

Google Cloud and GitLab integrated solution reinvents DevSecOps to expedite app delivery from GitLab source code to Google Cloud runtime environments, improving developers' daily processes

GitLab integration enhances the developer experience by simplifying tool management and assisting workers in maintaining “flow"

GitLab on Google Cloud integration employs workload identity federation for permission and authentication for GitLab workloads on Google Cloud

GitLab on Google Cloud integration makes use of GitLab components that are developed and maintained by Google

GitLab on Google Cloud interface, you can quickly deploy your GitLab artefacts to Google Cloud runtimes by uploading them to the Artefact Registry

This allows you to utilise security scanning and has complete traceability of your created artefacts from GitLab to Google Cloud