Google AI and Chromebook Plus Improve Teamwork

This Chromebook line includes up to twice the CPU, memory, and storage of normal Chromebooks and software and AI to simplify complex tasks

Google Cloud is introducing AI-powered team productivity, creative, and teamwork tools, as well as the Acer Chromebook Plus range

Due to their advanced AI, Chromebook Plus devices with Intel Core Ultra CPUs improve daily workflows

Google Cloud is adding new capabilities to improve caller experience and enable you configure devices for collaboration

Screencast makes it easy to record, edit, and publish immediately translated content in up to 12 languages

New international training programmes, product demos, or speaking practice? Screencasting is easy

Chromebook Plus is optimised for modern online apps like Gemini and Google Workspace in addition to these OS features

Company employees may boost productivity, teamwork, and innovation with Google apps.Chromebook Plus can hold Google Gemini for writing, studying, planning, and chat

Premium product Gemini for Google Workspace provides industry-leading AI capabilities and experiences