Google Cloud EDEM Altair Unlocks Billion-Particle Models

The more realistic these simulations get, the less time and money businesses need to spend refining their designs and prototypes

EDEM simulates and analyses a wide range of materials’ behaviours, including coal, mined ores, soils, fibres

A high-performance software programme for simulating bulk and granular materials is called EDEM Altair

The maximum two decades ago was 200,000 particles, requiring up to ten days to generate in a simulation

GPUs are extremely effective at handling the massive volumes of data and intricate computations required for EDEM simulations because they are specifically made to handle parallel processing tasks

EDEM was initially intended to be a desktop application and has only ever worked with shared-memory architectures that are hosted on a single host

A 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor and 2 TB of host memory were also included in the system