Google Cloud Ericsson Cognitive Software 

Ericsson's Cognitive Software network planning accelerates time to market and adapts to new use cases

Network performance is optimised using cutting-edge AI. The corporation is also investigating Google Cloud

Google Cloud and Ericsson Cognitive Software used BigQuery and Vertex AI for technology research

This integration let Google Cloud's Vertex AI show the Cell Anomaly Detector use case at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2024

The video shows how Ericsson's Cognitive software AI model on Google Cloud's Vertex AI can identify cellular network problems

The Google Cloud and Ericsson collaboration uses AI to improve network design, optimisation, and operation and give operators dynamic capabilities

Ericsson's Cognitive Software developed the Cell Anomaly Detector to proactively identify, categorise, and fix radio access network cell issues

Ericsson's Cognitive Software maximises next-generation network potential with industry-leading RAN domain experience and cutting-edge AI technologies