Google Cloud HPC: Turbocharge Your Design Process

For computer-aided engineering, Google Cloud HPC can speed up your design and simulation processes Mechanical Engineering improve creative groups are coming under ever greater stress to come up

Numerous CAE operations need a large amount of processing power Google Cloud HPC is used by organizations to manage big datasets and complicated simulations that were previously handled by specialized, on-premises HPC

Google has created a Computer Aided Engineering system that combines the necessary technology to effectively operate large CAE applications

computer-aided engineering has entirely transformed the design and construction process, replacing the demand for physical prototypes and speeding up product development cycles

Through the use of fluid dynamics, engineers may analyze heat transfer characteristics and optimize aerodynamic performance by simulating fluid flow around objects

Engineers may run the validation stage more quickly or even run more faithful models when HPC is easily accessible for CAE processes, which boosts productivity and results

Google Cloud is assisting clients in setting up HPC systems that integrate the advantages of an elastic, flexible, planet-scale cloud with the HPC needed for CAE simulation and analysis

The Google CAE solution is well suited for per-core-licensed applications since it makes use of Intel’s most recent generation Xeon processor, the Intel Sapphire Rapids, which is geared for great per-core performance