Google Cloud Threat Intelligence

With Google Cloud Threat intelligence, users can obtain insights and defend themselves from attacks more quickly than ever before thanks to Gemini

Every day, 100 million phishing attempts are blocked by Google, which safeguards 4 billion devices and 1.5 billion email accounts

This gives Google access to a wide range of sensors and a distinctive viewpoint on threats transmitted via email and the internet

To provide real-time insight into new assaults, VirusTotal’s global community of over a million people regularly uploads potential threat indicators

In threat intelligence, Gemini evaluates enormous datasets and serves as a force multiplier, bringing to light

The excessive amount of warnings is effectively managed with the aid of Google Cloud Threat intelligence

Google Cloud Threat intelligence provides IR and forensic investigators with comprehensive threat analysis data

Crowdsourcing and YARA hunting find threats and hostile behaviours, but detailed reports and TTP analysis improve detection and prevention

By keeping an eye on exposed data, your attack surface, and brand impersonation, you may proactively uncover potential external threats