Google Distributed Cloud Virtual Storage simplified storage

Storage simplified by managing policies, Google Distributed Cloud Virtual Storage Customers can run the same Kubernetes as Google Kubernetes Engine in the cloud on their own hardware and data centers

Google Distributed Cloud Virtual Storage simplifies on-premises Kubernetes deployment by connecting with VMware vSphere The GDCV (vSphere) adds HA admin and user clusters, auto-scaling, node repair, and VMware’s sophisticated storage

Virtual disk deployment is automated by many VMware customers using datastore clusters. By merging many datastores into one object, they may let vSphere choose the optimum virtual disk location for the particular requirement

GDCV interaction with VMware’s SPBM and improved VMware CSI driver use enable this new storage assignment architecture. SPBM provides a single control plane for a variety of data services and storage systems

When storage capacity or maintenance changes, all adjustments are made from the storage end, which is great for automation Adding storage capacity no longer requires modifying Google Distributed Cloud Virtual Storage configuration files

They can map one/many datastores to one/many policies and assign the VM the optimum storage policy In practice,They construct a policy specifying all gold level storage (e.g. SSD exclusively for production) and add all matching datastores to it

To use the storage policy feature in Google Distributed Cloud Virtual Storage, the VMware admin must put up at least one storage policy compatible with one or more datastores your cluster may access