Google Imagen 3 and Veo: Next-Gen Image and Video AI

Google Cloud proudly presents Imagen 3, their greatest text-to-image model, and Veo, their best HD video model

With 1080p resolution and a choice of cinematic and visual styles, Veo makes high-quality one-minute films

The model has never-before-seen creative control and is aware of cinematic jargon like “timelapse” and “aerial shots of a landscape”

Veo produces coherent and consistent footage with lifelike movement of humans, animals, and objects in each shot

The text-to-image model that Google mind have the best quality is Imagen 3

Imagen 3 integrates little elements from lengthier prompts and comprehends natural language and prompt intent better than Imagen 2

This feature creates opportunities for creating custom birthday cards, presentation title slides, and more

Google Cloud been working on a set of music AI tools dubbed Music AI Sandbox as part of this project