Google Pixel Buds Pro: Google’s top noise-cancelling earbuds

If this is the case, the most recent Google Pixel Buds Pro might be ideal. With active noise cancellation, a battery life of 33 hours, and an IPX 4 resistance rating, these headphones are ideal for use during physical activity or while commuting

Using sensor microphones to register and filter out outside noise, the Pixel Buds Pro are designed to block out external noise, allowing you to concentrate on what is playing

Feature is known as active-noise cancellation. In addition, the Pixel Buds 2 come with a transparent mode that can be easily switched on and off, allowing you to quickly adjust to whatever is going on in your environment

The IPX 4 resistance rating ensures that these earbuds are safe to use even during sweaty workouts or when you are outside in the rain, allowing you to listen to music regardless of the environment

With 11 hours of solo playtime that can be extended to 31 hours with recharges from the portable case, the Pixel Buds Pro are an excellent choice for a long workday or commute

Beamforming microphones allow you to make a call from any location These microphones are designed to pick up sound from you while also dampening noise from the outside environment. When combined with wind-covers

Would we recommend this Google Pixel Buds Pro, which have noise cancellation capabilities? The wireless Google Pixel Buds Pro are great noise-cancelling earbuds