Google Play introduces ‘Auto Open App’

Android app usage may alter. Google is testing a Play Store feature called “Auto Open App” that opens apps instantly after installation

Play Store downloads include “Open” and “Uninstall.” “Open” activates the app, while “Uninstall” uninstalls it. The “Auto Open App” function speeds this up

“Auto Open App” should be customisable by users. This ensures users control their app experience

Google added “Auto Open App” to the Play Store to improve user experience. The function is in development but has an intriguing idea

Google may profit from letting users set “Auto Open App” for each app. This would give more control over which apps launch automatically and which must be opened manually

APK teardowns revealed Google Play Store version 41.4.19 Auto Open App code. This teardown discovered code indicating feature capabilities

Auto Open App displays a notice banner at the top of the screen for as little as five seconds.This banner may alert the user when the downloaded app launches

The “Auto Open App” capability may change how we use downloaded apps.Although convenience is undisputed, consumers' control and privacy concerns must be considered