GPU Tweak III Manually Set GPU Fan Speed

ASUS GPU Tweak III is a great tool for fine-tuning every aspect of your graphics card, including the sophisticated option of GPU undervolting for more effective

GPU Tweak III offers all the tools you need to finish the job, whether you desire a quieter or cooler card

The side fans have one slider, while the centre fan has another, which rotates in the opposite direction to reduce turbulence and increase air dispersion through the heatsink

This information will enable me to adjust the curve to my liking. Anytime you want to go back to the standard fan behaviour, just press the Auto button

The true trick is this: you can totally customise your experience by modifying the fan’s automated behaviour using the fan curve editor

The most effective setting you can probably change to reduce the bothersome nature of your fans is to adjust the fan speed update period

These may result in a tiny drop in clock rates, but they will also improve the card’s efficiency, offering you greater value in terms of noise and temperature control