Guided SAP S/4HANA Automation Simplifies

Google Cloud are pleased to announce that Guided Deployment Automation for SAP on Google Cloud is now generally available

By letting users define what they want to deploy, this new Workload Manager feature expedites the deployment of SAP workloads on Google Cloud

The guided interface assists you in customising and configuring your workload after selecting from the list of compatible SAP products and versions

Deploying from the console generates a Cloud Build job to execute Terraform and provision project resources

In addition to SAP resources, a provisional virtual machine instance manages Ansible coordination and implementation

Deploying SAP workloads requires a few more steps, like transferring the necessary SAP installation files to Cloud Storage

Find Workload Manager Deployment in the top search bar or under Compute in the left navigation pane in the console

This option lets you choose the region, zone, network, and system installation location. In a Shared VPC, you can choose the network from the Host Project