HarmonyOS rises in Huawei's ecosystem

A cutting-edge operating system that works with a variety of smart devices is called HarmonyOS

Shenzhen municipal government has launched an initiative to improve Huawei’s HarmonyOS app ecosystem

The HarmonyOS operating system, on the other hand, may still be the most plausible option for Chinese authorities and Huawei to replace gear that is based on Windows

In order to accelerate the creation of software for HarmonyOS in both the city and the province, the strategy establishes a number of objective

Huawei is collaborating with app developers and training programmers to produce applications specifically for HarmonyOS

According to the Nikkei piece, this will undoubtedly make it a contender for applications such as the closed-source Android and the proprietary iOS developed by Apple

In order to compete with Apple (iOS) and Samsung (customised Android), Huawei intends to add more than 5,000 applications to its HarmonyOS operating system

It’s Service Widgets provide a whole new interface for interacting with your programmes