Harnessing AI for Autonomous Network Operations

Technologies like 5G, IoT, cloud computing, and AI are revitalizing the telecommunications sector, which is vital to global connectivity

Automation is required to manage repetitive tasks, keep an eye on the health of the network, and react quickly to problems

Today, foundational models are able to produce formal code from natural language descriptions of tasks

In intent based networking, human administrators articulate high-level network goals using natural language, or “intents,” and their intentions are automatically converted into network configurations

Communication Service Providers network operates automatically in accordance with the guidelines provided in the TMF Introductory Guide 1230  on the Technical Architecture of Autonomous Networks

Zero-touch experience is achieved as long as future conditions have been anticipated and policies have been put in place to handle them

The term “intents” in intent based networking refers to the broad goals that Communication Service Providers hopes to accomplish within its network

The TMF921 Intent-based Networking API was unveiled by TM Forum and provides a structured framework for specifying high-level network intents