Harvest Days: A Farming Game Set to Release

Harvest Days is a great choice for anyone looking for a peaceful getaway that also gives them a sense of accomplishment in creating and expanding

The challenge then becomes for the player to use their imagination to transform this desolate region into a thriving farming haven

Players must strategically arrange their fields to optimise their income, as every crop has a distinct growth season and yield

Players can raise cows, lambs, chicks and even cute alpacas. All animals produce milk, wool, and eggs

Another level of complexity to the gameplay is added by overseeing animal quarters and making sure the animals are happy

Harvest Days encompass more than just taking care of the land and animals. Exploration of the surrounding area is encouraged by the game

, Harvest Days promotes a feeling of community. Gamers can visit one another’s farms, take in one other’s artwork, and give each other advise