Yet, AI PCs have benefits beyond significant boosts in productivity

AI has caused a huge reduction in the time it takes people to create content, revolutionizing company efficiency.

 These PCs’ AI capabilities, which are based on Intel Core Ultra CPUs, may also be used to improve security

The use of AI security is crucial as malevolent actors are using novel strategies to get beyond established barriers

This blog article explains how organizations using AI security may be better protected by AI PCs

They will discuss how technologies like Intel Core Ultra CPUs’ neural processing units (NPUs) and Intel Threat Detection Technology (Intel TDT)

Intel TDT uses silicon-level telemetry and AI to detect targeted threats like ransomware and cryptojacking

In the present day, Intel has enhanced defenses on over one billion PCs by scaling its AI security technologies with its security ecosystem

The use of dense performance monitoring unit (PMU) telemetry by Intel TDT to monitor specific application processes operating on the CPU microarchitecture is shown in Figure


In order to preserve the user’s computing experience, AI security operates in the background For More Details Vist