How Jamworks Protects  Confidentiality while using AI

AI has sparked a new technological era with benefits across industries AI can transform operations, improve decision-making, and spur innovation. AI has many benefits, from predictive analytics that improves strategies to natural language processing

Stuart Winter, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at Lacero Platform Limited, Jamworks, and Guardian, says enterprises dealing with sensitive data must maintain state-of-the-art data security to reap the rewards

To prevent data theft, strong encryption, granular access controls, and privacy-preserving methods are needed. Secure and compliant AI implementation can also be achieved through transparent cloud provider agreements on data handling and ownership

Jamworks AI records, transcribes, summarizes, and draws conclusions from meetings, conversations, and lectures. After four years with AI, the Jamworks team is convinced that the technology can change how we study and work, benefiting people with disabilities

All students benefit from these features, but those with ADHD, dyslexia, or hearing impairments need them. Interactive study materials and personalized chatbots help students learn and explore topics in new and exciting ways, while automated 

organizations can confidently adopt AI in the cloud knowing that their valuable data remains confidential, intact, and immune to breaches, enabling responsible and secure use of advanced AI technologies

Technical assurance that only you can access and control your data and that cloud service operators cannot access the data or keys is crucial. Technical assurance protects these data states in addition to other protections

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