HP FX700 SSD: Latest Features and Performance

HP FX700 SSD advances this ambition even farther. The price should drop even more by using QLC NAND instead of TLC NAND, but how about performance?

This platform has always been power-efficient, making it ideal for PS5 and laptop users who prefer single-sided disks in particular. Is there any way QLC could help there as well?

The drive operates quite cold thanks to HP’s graphene heat pad and QLC’s high efficiency. That is to say, one should not expect miracles and this QLC is not otherworldly

There are four different capacities for the HP FX700 SSD: 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. Depending on the capacity, the HP FX700 SSD can achieve sequential read and write speeds of up to 7,200 / 6,200 MB/s and random read and write throughput of up to 1050K / 920K

With the exception of the M.2 screw that comes with it, the HP FX700 SSD appears to be ordinary. With its drives, HP has been doing this at least since the EX920

This is an intriguing remark because SMI recently disclosed that the intelligent PMIC in their PCIe 5.0 SM2508 SSD controller allows for better power management without taxing the primary ARM processor