Huawei Launches 5.5G Multipath Evolution

At its 5.5G Industry Summit at MWC Barcelona 2024, the GSMA launched the “Embracing a prosperous 5G-Advanced era” project

The GSMA 5G Futures Community has expanded to demonstrate how the 5.5G ecosystem is maturing and ready to propel this technology to new heights on a global scale

Additionally, it emphasizes how 5.5G will enhance 5G networks‘ coverage, mobility, speeds, and energy efficiency to provide additional benefits for operators and their clients

Gao discussed Huawei's multipath solutions for 5.5G transition and its service development and commercial benefits in his address

5G is rapidly evolving to offer new experiences, connections, and services. These include human 3D connections, which require 500 Mbps per person and 20 ms delay

One of the main technologies that allows for 10 times reduced power consumption and per-bit costs as well as improved spectrum efficiency is the extremely large antenna array (ELAA)

When used with mmWave or U6G bands, these methods will increase eMBB, service package upselling, and FWA provisioning.

Depending on their 5G spectrum, operators in various locations will take distinct evolutionary pathways to 5.5G