IBM Ignite Quality Platform

QA is a vital phase in the software development lifecycle, verifying that software fulfills quality standards before release

To overcome these obstacles, a careful and proactive strategy is needed to reduce the number of errors in the QA process, maximize the efficacy of automation, and simplify test cases

Test case optimization must be the main priority if test case volume is to be decreased. In order to cover different situations, this method entails finding duplicate or overlapping test cases and unifying them

Another approach is to carefully choose the test cases for automation, emphasizing crucial, time-consuming, and repeated circumstances

IBM IGNITE Quality Platform (IQP), a DevOps-enabled single sign-on platform that optimizes testing using proprietary techniques and AI capabilities

A natural language processing (NLP) tool for requirements analysis that drives in shift left, finds ambiguities, and assesses complexity

IBM methodology encompasses a thorough automation of Web, Mobile, API, and SOAP-based applications, which is smoothly combined with performance testing