IBM LinuxONE 4 Express: AI & Hybrid Cloud Savings

With the release of IBM LinuxONE 4 Express today, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as new data center environments can now benefit from the newest performance

Pre-configured rack mount systems are intended to save money and eliminate client guesswork when launching workloads rapidly and utilizing the platform for both new and established use cases

Businesses that swiftly shift their offerings online frequently end up with a hybrid cloud environment that was built by default, complete with siloed stacks that are unsuitable for AI adoption or cross-business alignment

Startups and small to medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to develop a deliberate hybrid cloud strategy from the ground up with IBM LinuxONE 4 Express

LinuxONE 4 Express can scale to meet growing workload and performance requirements, in addition to offering AI inferencing co-located with mission-critical data for growing AI use cases

Based on the IBM Telum processor, IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper 4 was released in April 2023 and has features intended to minimize energy usage and data center floor area while providing customers with the necessary scale

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environments running on IBM LinuxONE 4 Express systems with GDPS, IBM DS8000 series storage with HyperSwap, and other features

IBM is in a unique position to manage mission-critical workloads with high availability thanks to the new LinuxONE 4 Express solution