IBM Mastering AI Strategy Creations!

AI strategy may outline how to use AI to gain deeper insights from data, improve efficiency, build a better supply chain or ecosystem, and/or improve talent and customer experiences, depending on the organization’s goals

AI strategy guides meaningful contributions to organization success. It allows stakeholders to choose projects that will improve productivity, decision-making, and the bottom line the most

Learn about generative AI, machine learning (ML), natural language processing, computer vision, etc. Research AI use cases to see how relevant industries are using these technologies

Learn the company’s priorities and capabilities. Assess the IT department’s size and strength for AI system implementation and management

What metrics need improvement? Choose business objectives that are important to the business and that AI has successfully addressed

Find AI and ML companies that have worked in your industry. Evaluate potential tools, vendors, and partnerships based on experience, reputation, pricing

Show stakeholders how the AI strategy supports business goals. Obtain roadmap support. Explain benefits, costs, and outcomes. Budget for strategy implementation