IBM Qiskit, Leading Quantum Software Toolkit

IBM today announced the development and global adoption of its quantum software, Qiskit

To achieve even greater performance, Qiskit has been developed into a whole software stack in its most recent version

Users need tools to map their problems to advanced conventional and quantum processing and tune them for quantum execution

These tools, which IBM has been developing for the past seven years, are now coming together to form the Qiskit software stack

Qiskit has had over 100 releases since its debut as a pioneering quantum computing research tool

Qiskit is used by enterprises, governments, research centres, and universities to undertake large-scale quantum experiments

The Qiskit SDK v1.x stable release is designed for creating, refining, and displaying quantum circuits

IBM compares Qiskit's performance to applicable older versions with comparable capabilities

IBM Qiskit 0.33 took 430.89 seconds, where Qiskit 1.0's speed duration was 10.9 seconds