IBM Think 2024 Conference

IBM published Granite models as open source and created InstructLab, a first-of-its-kind capability, with Red Hat

Granite models, available under Apache 2.0 licences on Hugging Face and GitHub, are known for their quality, transparency, and efficiency

IBM Watsonx Code Assistant (WCA) was trained for specialised areas using the 20B parameter Granite base code model

Watsonx Code Assistant for Z helps organisations convert monolithic COBOL systems into IBM Z-optimized services

With an enterprise-ready InstructLab, IBM's open-source Granite models, and the world's top enterprise Linux platform, RHEL AI simplifies hybrid infrastructure AI installation

The new AI Assistants include watsonx Code Assistant for Enterprise Java Applications (planned availability in October 2024)

watsonx Assistant for Z to transform how users interact with the system to quickly transfer knowledge and expertise (planned availability in June 2024)

IBM adds NVIDIA L40S and L4 Tensor Core GPUs and Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI/OpenShift AI capabilities

IBM plans to purchase HashiCorp, which automates multi-cloud and hybrid systems via Terraform, Vault, and other ISL tools

IBM Concert will use watsonx AI to detect, anticipate, and offer solutions across clients’ application portfolios