IBM Watson AI To Enhance Grammy Awards Ceremony 2023

IBM will be there once again as the biggest recorded artists in the world walk the red carpet at the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Utilizing IBM Watsonx’s creative powers, the system offers fascinating insights into the personal histories and professional achievements of well-known GRAMMY nominees

The component of watsonx is home to a potent large language model (LLM), which is used in this year’s solution

The editorial staff can quickly and simply build rich materials to be shared in Facebook reels, Instagram stories, and Tik Tok videos using the AI Content Builder dashboard

Editorial team members may choose templates including nominees or categories with different layouts and branding using the AI Stories interface

GRAMMY Awards Live From The Red Carpet, backstage moments captured behind the scenes, celebrities pulling up in a “limo cam,” and more

Recording Academy and IBM Consulting have been working together over the last seven years to use the IBM Garage Methodology to kickstart technological projects