2024 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

According to IBM X-Force, IBM Consulting’s offensive and defensive security services arm

In addition, IBM Managed Security Services, Incident Response, X-Force Red, IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence, Red Hat Insights, and Intezer data were used in the 2024 report.

Enterprise ransomware attacks dropped almost 12% last year as larger companies rebuilt their infrastructure rather than pay and decrypt.

According to X-Force analysis, at-scale attacks against these platforms may occur when a single generative AI technology approaches 50% of the market

According to X-Force, info stealing malware increased 266% in 2023 as actors sought user identities

From social media and messaging apps, this malware steals emails, banking information, cryptocurrency wallet data, and credentials

Critical infrastructure organizations were the target of nearly 70% of attacks that X-Force responded to globally

While generative AI is still in its pre-mass market phase, businesses must safeguard their AI models before cybercriminals ramp up their operations