iCUE LINK Titan AIO with Vivid RGB Pump Cap

This year's Computex showcase features exciting new cooling choices, power supplies, and PC cases for beginners and experts

Combining superior cooling with an enthralling light display, LX RGB dazzles with its two RGB light loops

The 30mm-thick RX MAX fans, available in radiant RGB and non-RGB liquid crystal polymer versions, boost airflow and operate quietly for performance enthusiasts

A bright RGB pump cap completes the eye-catching appearance, while powerful RX RGB fans distribute the heat

Improve the appearance or performance of your cooler with ease with the new CapSwap Modules, which work with all iCUE LINK coolers, including the TITAN Series

Its revamped pump, cold plate, fan, and RGB lights make it a major upgrade over previous Corsair AIO coolers

Both the 3500X and the 9000D RGB AIRFLOW are impressive devices that are perfect for building a powerful gaming PC or a stylish, business workstation