Improve Azure Security with Azure Firewall and WAF

These services include automatic patching against zero-day vulnerabilities, comprehensive Microsoft threat information for detection

Analysts labour for hours or even days on manual operations in order to process terabytes of data, sort through the noise, and find dangers

The lack of qualified cybersecurity personnel slows down reaction times to security events and restricts proactive posture management

Copilot may also effortlessly transform threat observations and investigations into summaries in plain English

Azure WAF and Azure Firewall produces detections for a range of security threats against APIs and web applications

An analyst can analyse these attacks by asking a natural language question and returning a summary of their cause

Copilot puts businesses in a position to take full advantage of the opportunities that the generative AI era is presenting

– The WAF policies you design and the areas in which they are implemented are charged to you. – One base policy, costing $100 per region, is the minimum fee per area. – The standard insurance fee is still applicable, but child policies inside a single hub are free