Inland SSD 1TB TN470 Strong Budget Users

Inland TN470 SSD is aimed towards a mainstream market and functions well in desktop, laptop, and even PS5 devices

The best SSDs now face additional competition because of its single-sided design, which is the cherry on top

Inland contracts out to drive production, and its status as Micro Center’s house brand guarantees builder popularity

The TN470 SSD takes the place of the well-liked low-cost TN450 SSD, providing a faster, more recent controller along with quick flash

Software support is not something that Inland provides, but its physical location and longer, six-year warranty may improve the customer experience

The Corsair MP600 Elite is the first drive of its kind, but the Inland TN470 isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last either

This hardware combination should also be available in M.2 2230 versions in due course, which is good news for owners of Steam Decks and portable systems