Intel Alder Lake-N N100 Processor in MS-C918

MSI IPC announces the release of the MS-C918, a new industrial light box product

Designed for ultra power solutions, the MS-C918 is a palm-sized IPC with the Intel Lake-N N100  Processor

With a three-year service life, they are appropriate for uses where the prolonged durability of premium industrial-grade items is not required

These versions are designed for non-critical environments, including air-conditioned workplaces or retail spaces, or indoor environments with controlled conditions

Significant cost savings are provided by MS-C918 as compared to fully industrial-grade items

The performance of the MS-C918 is not compromised in spite of its affordability. outfitted with the newest  CPUs and networking choices

With the release of the Industrial Lite Box MS-C918, MSI has made a big advancement in the rapidly changing field of industrial computing