Intel  Extension  for  Transformers

Intel  Extension  for  Transformers

There are several layers in the  AI stack, and each is essential to optimizing LLMs. The hardware layer, which consists of Intel Xeon CPUs

Intel oneAPI Collective Communications Library (oneCCL) and Intel oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library

Graph optimizations reduce the amount of memory accesses needed during computation, which further enhances efficiency

Memory management is essential for maximizing LLM performance because they frequently require large amounts of memory

APIs for implementing these optimizations on CPU and GPU based training and inference are provided by the Intel Extension for PyTorch

Intel introduced Neural Speed, a dedicated library that simplifies LLM inference on Intel systems

Intel Extension for Transformers and PyTorch offers an adaptable framework for optimizing deep learning models other than LLMs

Intel Tiber Developer Cloud getting started samples for PyTorch and Transformers show these optimisations For More Details