Intel Liftoff Strategies Boost AI Startups

By providing AI companies with direct access to Intel’s resources, Intel Liftoff creates an interactive and creative atmosphere that supports founder success.

The deployment and testing process was remarkably smooth, and the model was adjusted to create customized emails

Dolly 2.0 and OpenLlama were used by the SiteMana team during the hackathon to generate a personalized learning module

Intel Data Center MAX 1100 GPU with 48 GB VRAM and the LORA training script to optimize the Dolly LLM model over the course of a single training day

Terrain can now effectively grow Deep Learning/Language Learning Models (DL/LLMs) without running into computational limits thanks to Intel technology

The ecosystem’s excellent functioning has played a significant role in their ability to create the Beewant solution so rapidly

Argilla’s David Berenstein agrees that the program has helped them improve their training procedures and match their development plans with industry standards