Intel MPI Benchmarks

The latency experienced when sending a fixed-sized message between two ranks on separate virtual machines is measured by IMB Ping-Pong

The collective latency across multiple ranks across virtual machines is measured by the IMB AllReduce benchmark

When comparing the HPC Rocky Linux 8 image to the default GCP Rocky Linux 8 image for this test, they observed an improvement of up to 25%

Google is pleased to announce today the general availability of HPC Virtual Machine (VM) images for workloads involving high performance computing (HPC)

Virtual machines prepared for HPC right out of the box For closely coupled HPC workloads, there’s no need to manually adjust performance

Cloud HPC Toolkit, an open-source tool that makes it easier to deploy environments for a range of workloads, including machine learning, AI, and HPC, is where you can use the HPC VM image

HPC VM image is used by default by the Toolkit blueprints and Slurm images based on CentOS 7 and Rocky Linux 8