Intel Xeon 6  E-core Processors

Intel unveiled cutting-edge technologies and architectures that might accelerate the AI ecosystem from the data centre, cloud, network, edge, and PC

Intel Xeon 6 E-core (Efficient-core) and P-core (Performance-core) SKUs to address the wide range of use cases and workloads

The Intel Xeon 6  E-core, code-named Sierra Forest, is the first of the Xeon 6 CPUs to be released and will be available starting today

The Xeon 6  P-cores, also known as Granite Rapids, should be released the following quarter

Xeon 6 processors free up computational capability and infrastructure for creative new AI applications by consuming less power and rack space

When used in conjunction with Intel Gaudi AI accelerators, which are specifically intended for AI applications

Lunar Lake is expected to provide up to 40% reduced SoC power and more than three times the AI compute