Introducing Vertex AI Security Command Center

IT teams are relied upon to support cloud infrastructure security as developers employ Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s end-to-end 

AI platform that includes user-friendly tools to create the next generation of AI apps

Advise use Google Cloud’s Organization Policy Service first. Organization policies, which include Vertex AI-specific rules to keep developers

Google’s integrated security and risk management tool for Google Cloud, Security Command Center Premium, now integrates with organization policies

Preventive and investigative mechanisms to safeguard Vertex AI applications Google Security Command Center

Security Command Center provides visibility of AI workloads and apps without depending on point-in-time snapshots that may easily go out of date since it is integrated into the Google Cloud architecture

Security Command Center applies its first-hand understanding of the architecture and operations of Vertex AI to provide posture controls

The new features of Security Command Center include pre-built security controls that can be activated with a single click