iPadOS 18 makes Apple Pencil smarter

iPadOS 18, a significant update that improves the iPad experience and makes it more intelligent and adaptable than ever

The calculator is available on the iPad alongside Math Notes and new handwriting tools in Notes, all of which are made to work with the Apple Pencil

Apple Intelligence for iPhone, iPad, and Mac combines generative models and context to provide highly relevant and valuable intelligence in iPadOS 18

Apple Intelligence, embedded in iPadOS 18, iOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, was designed with privacy in mind

Users can draw or type mathematical expressions and see them instantaneously solved in their own handwriting with the brand-new Math Notes calculator

Additionally, Math Notes can be found immediately in the newly created Math Notes folder within the Notes app

Apps can now be locked, and users can move them to a locked, hidden apps folder to hide them for even more privacy