iPhone 17 Slim Could Outprice Pro Max!

“iPhone 17 Slim” model that is rumoured to be coming out could upend Apple’s flagship lineup

According to analyst rumours, Apple may drop the Plus series when the iPhone 16 is released. The iPhone 17 might replace it with a “Slim” model

The most surprising theory is that the iPhone 17 Slim may be more costly than any previous iPhone model even the Pro Max variants

Rumours suggest a complete Slim overhaul. A higher price tag might justify a luxury appearance and feel by using new materials, a smaller display cutout, and possibly a reworked camera system

Pro Max’s display will be somewhere in the range of 6.1 and 6.7 inches

iPhone 17 Slim may have an improved camera system than the iPhone 17 regular

The iPhone 17 series which includes the Slim model would probably appear in September 2025