iPhone 5s Obsolete According to Apple

The iPhone 5s and 6th-generation iPod touch are gone after Apple revised their old product list

Apple still sells and supports these, including hardware and software upgrades

The September 2013 iPhone 5s was innovative. Touch ID fingerprint sensors revolutionised safe phone unlocking

Apple does not specify when software updates would halt, although obsolete devices are unlikely to receive updates

The market for dedicated MP3 players declined as streaming services and cellphones with greater music playing features emerged

Depending on usage, an iPhone 5s' battery can last up to 250 hours in standby and 10 hours in talk mode on 2G networks

You may replace a dead iPhone 5s battery with a fresh one. Since the iPhone 5s is discontinued, Apple and approved service providers will no longer fix it

Usability is diminishing and security risks are rising for iPhone 5s users. It's advised to upgrade your iPhone