IPv6 compressor to Google Cloud

Address compression is a technique used in Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) networks to optimise the encoding of long IPv6 addresses

IPv4 BGP session could be used to route IPv6 traffic over Dedicated Interconnect and HA-VPN hybrid connectivity options

No IPv4 BGP peering device is needed to advertise and receive IPv6 prefixes between Cloud Router and the distant BGP peering device

IPv6 prefixes were transferred over IPv4 MP-BGP sessions by designating the IPv6 address as the next-hop

A parallel BGP session is formed across the same Interconnect VLAN attachment or VPN tunnel upon the initiation of IPv6 BGP sessions

IPv6 is now supported by Partner Interconnect for Layer 2 and Layer 3 Partner Interconnect attachments

Google Cloud automatically assigns the Partner Interconnect attachment a Google-owned /125 address range

Network admins can effectively use this strategy to create a more manageable and efficient IPv6 environment